I have always been a dog lover. I spent much of my free time as a child returning lost dogs home or rehabilitating them so they could be adopted. I spent many hours experimenting with different training techniques and observing many species of animals in the wild. From this observation and experimentation, I became convinced that most behavioral problems in dogs are really training problems and it is the owner of the dog who really needs the education.

My training method is based on what I’ve learned by studying with a variety of the world’s top animal trainers and competitors. I have been considerably influenced by the work of Jean Donaldson, Bob Bailey, Michael Ellis and Karen Pryor. I thank Jean Donaldson for being a compassionate advocate for dogs and a revolutionary in the world of dog training. I recommend Jean Donaldson's landmark book, "The Culture Clash" to all my students.

I thank Bob Bailey for all the scientific work he has done in the world of operant conditioning and helping me understand how to apply the work of B.F. Skinner and his followers to dog training. I thank Michael Ellis for bringing the fun and excitement back into my training by being a huge proponent of "engagement and training in drive." I thank Karen Pryor for educating dog trainers in how to apply clicker training, which was formerly used in marine mammal training, to dog training. I have taken all the various techniques from the world's top trainers and competitors and put them together into a comprehensive training program.

I have an M.A. and B.A. in Communications and also graduated from wild animal training school, where I worked with wolves, lions and tigers. I have three California teaching credentials and am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KSA) as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  I have been a National Agility Finalist with my golden retriever, ADCH MACH 3 Roxy, who is in the Agility Dog Hall of Fame. My border collie, MACH ADCH Red-Dawn Blue Sage, is a nationally competitive agility dog who won the Palm Classic Grand Prix Agility Speed Challenge in Del Mar. My border collie, Spritz (imported from Germany), is a repeat breeding of the 2005 World Cup of Agility Winner and has his MAD title.  His daughter, Synergy, (born May 2010) earned her ADCH at 3 years old. I am currently training my youngest dog, Splash, imported from Poland.